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Selection and use of truck clutch

Choice and use of clutch disc Clutch disc, professional name is called clutch driven disc. It is no stranger to every car owner or driver. If you choose or use it improperly, it is normal to change the clutch plate in one or two years. This mainly depends on the driving habits of each card friend, driving conditions, working conditions of the transmission system, as well as the surface wear of the pressure plate and flywheel, and the overall quality of the clutch plate itself.

Explain the composition of the clutch plate.


The most commonly used noodles on the market now include Koma, Guanliang, composite yarn, semi-copper, non-asbestos, spun, etc. There are too many types. But they are all friction materials, but the materials are different.

The driven plate body: 

the dough sheet will leak out if it burns out. It can not only fix the dough sheet, but also install and stabilize the shock-absorbing spring. Many clutch manufacturers will spend a lot of money to purchase carburization testing equipment, just to detect it, like quenching, it is easy to deform when the fire is small, and it is easy to break when the fire is large.

Damping spring: 

It plays the role of damping when the engine transmits power to the gearbox, so as to reduce the instantaneous impact force when the engine power is output to the transmission system. In the past, most of them were 10 springs, but now many are nine springs. Eight springs, three-level shock absorption, four-level shock absorption! They are designed to protect auto parts and driving comfort. 

Driven hub: 

It is the "Tiege Tower" with teeth in the middle, which finally transmits the power to the gearbox through a shaft.

In short, the clutch disc is a consumable, it must be worn out, the disc is hard to damage the flywheel pressure plate, so good driving habits are necessary factors to extend the service life. Avoid half-clutch driving, a new patch, if half-clutched, it will burn out in less than half an hour. Try not to shift the gear without stepping on the clutch, you may not be able to control the speed every time. Regularly check the clearance of the push rod of the clutch sub-cylinder of the push plate. If there is no clearance, you can find a repair shop or adjust it by yourself until there is a clearance.