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Lenel Auto Clutch Plate for Sale

When purchasing custom clutch plates, you must pay attention to the quality of the clutch plates. There should be no clutch plates with deformation, warpage and poor tightness on the surface, which will not only cause the clutch to slip and stop production but also cause damage to other parts. There should be no grease, sludge, etc. on the clutch plate. When assembling the clutch disc, it is necessary for clutch plate suppliers to check and remove this debris, otherwise, it will cause the clutch to slip and affect the work efficiency. The main function of clutch discs is to separate and combine the output of engine power. Clutch discs press the clutch from the driven disk to the flywheel, transfer the engine torque, and conversely, control the rotation of the driven disk. Inquiry competitive wholesale auto clutch plate price.

Auto Clutch Plate Type

Different types of pressure plates in Lenel can be applied in many cars, such as Mercedes Benz clutch, MAN Brand, Renault Clutch, Scania, and DAF. The car clutch discs from Lenel play an integral role in shifting gears of your vehicle, which can protect your car from wearing. Lenel auto clutch disc plate has been widely applied in cars like Mercedes Benz and MAN Brand. 

Lenel Auto Clutch Plate Discs Material

Clutch disc is a composite material with friction as its main function and structural performance requirements. Friction materials for automobiles are mainly used to manufacture brake friction plates and clutch cover plates. Since friction materials are mainly used in the manufacture of parts for the brake system and drive train in automobiles, it is required to have a sufficiently high and stable friction coefficient and good wear resistance.

Why Choose Lenel Auto Clutch Plate Manufacturer? 

 As one of the most professional clutch disc manufacturers, we are committed to providing customers with the best quality auto clutch plates and obtaining industry qualification certification. We have a complete and scientific quality management system, advanced production equipment, and every product has been strictly tested. Our high-quality products and after-sales service are well received by customers. We have always insisted on treating customers with heart and giving them the best products.

Is it a clutch cover plate of the transmission?

Yes, it is. The role of the clutch in the gearbox is to connect the pressure plate and the spline of the flywheel core to the spline connection of the first shaft. When the spline connection of the first shaft is not separated, the power of the engine is transmitted to the transmission. The power is weakened in order to shift gears

How do I know when I need a new clutch cover plate? 

As the main wear part, the auto clutch plate will slip after excessive wear and even cause engine brake failure. Regular inspection and replacement are very necessary. As long as the clutch pedal is stepped up by one third, the clutch pedal can only be engaged when it is raised halfway. The impression is that the pedal is higher. When the clutch pedal is fully depressed and the car still does not move, the auto clutch plate is completely worn out. It is necessary to repair and replace the clutch disc.

Lenel Auto Clutch Plate Advantages

The clutch plates and clutch pressure plates provided by our company are of high quality and low price, long service life.

The clutch plates and clutch pressure plates provided by our company are of  high-speed operation resistance and excellent wear resistance. 

We can provide various sizes of clutch plates and clutch pressure plates according to customer needs.

We have adopted a very advanced industry and technology in production and production.

Auto Clutch Plate FAQs

How long does a clutch disc last?

1. The longer the semi-linkage time, the higher the friction temperature between the clutch plate and the flywheel and pressure plate, which will easily cause the clutch plate to burn out due to high temperature;

2. Too fast or too slow release speed will cause the buffer spring or buffer rubber on the clutch to break or deform; Usually more than 30,000, change the clutch disc.

Can a clutch disc be installed backwards?

Under normal circumstances, it is impossible to install the clutch plate reversely. Some can be reversed. The anti-clutch cannot be stepped on, or the pedal cannot be decoupled, or the gear will not go when it is always disconnected and geared.

It cannot be used if it is installed backwards. One side has a long gear groove, and the other side is a short gear groove. The joint surface of the output gear of the transmission is very small. It is easy to damage the gear groove of the grinding plate of the intermediate pressure plate, and the clutch cannot be separated.

How do I know when I need a new clutch disc?

1. Clutch disc slips during rapid acceleration. The performance is that when the accelerator is stepped deeply, the engine speed can rise rapidly, but the vehicle speed does not increase much. This is the slippage of the clutch plate, causing the engine to run idly, and not all the power is transmitted to the gearbox. This is the easiest to feel, whether you drive your own car or someone else's car, you can feel it.

2. When driving at high speed, the reaction of refueling and overtaking is slow, the throttle is added, and it feels like the engine is idling, the car is not accelerating, and the clutch is slipping. If it is more serious, the engine can run to 80km/h at 1800 rpm, but now it needs 2000 rpm.