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How Often Should the Auto Clutch Plates of Trucks Be Changed?

A truck is very different from a car. It's basically a stick shift. But a lot of truck drivers don't know how often should the auto clutch plates be replaced, so what is the answer? How to determine to replace the auto clutch plate?

Ⅰ. How often should the auto clutch plates be replaced?

In fact, there is no exact time for the truck auto clutch plates, the truck auto clutch plates replacement cycle depends on the driver's driving habits. In normal circumstances, the truck auto clutch plate shall be checked every 3 to 5W km.

The truck auto clutch plates replacement cycle is not fixed, whose service life has close links with the truck driver's driving habits and driving road conditions. If it under the bad conditions with thirty or forty thousand kilometers, it shall be replaced and it can be used for more than a hundred thousand kilometers then. Considering that the auto clutch plate is a high consumption product, it is generally required to replace it every 100,000 kilometers.

A good truck driver, when driving manual, will switch gears by a reasonable number of revolutions to minimize the half-linkage cycle, which will greatly reduce the impact of shifting on the clutch and wear on the auto clutch plate. "Cut fast, bind slowly". Step on the plate decisively, and lift slowly. Violently lifting the plate is easy to damage the clutch assembly compression spring and break the torsion spring of the auto clutch plate, and it is harmful to the whole driving system. Otherwise, minimize the semi-clutch working time, and a novice may need to replace the plate in a few months.

Ⅱ. How to judge to replace the auto clutch plates?

As for the manual shift truck, if the following phenomenon occur, the auto clutch plate shall be replaced. Signs of auto clutch plate failure:

1. The auto clutch plates are increasingly higher.

2. The truck climbs the sloping fields with insufficient power.

3. After some distance, burning odor can smell in the trunk.

4. The simplest way: at 1 gear, pull the handbrake (or step on the brake) and start, if the engine does not flameout, it is time to replace the auto clutch plate.

5. Start at 1 gear, feel uneven when push the clutch with front and back ward rush feeling. When press clutch, step on and lift clutch, unsmooth feeling occurs, then the truck needs to replace the clutch plate for car.

6. Every time lift clutch, you can hear the sound of metal friction, may be the car clutch wear is more serious.

7. The car cannot run up with high speed, you suddenly put on the accelerator to the end, the engine speed rises and the speed does not improve, which means your car clutch slipped, need to be replaced.