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Can the Automobile Clutch Pressure Plate Be Adjusted? What Are the Common Faults?

I. Can the car clutch pressure plate be adjusted when it is uneven?

It can be adjusted, but if severely uneven, it is better to replace. Then, how to adjust it?

1. Drive a truck for a long time so that the clutch is in a state of half-treadle, in order to reduce the loss of the auto clutch plate, there is a correct way to use the clutch pedal. Don't half press the clutch pedal because it makes the clutch plate of the truck is in a semi-clutch state, that is, the frisbee and the pressure plate are in friction condition.

2. If the clutch pedal is pressed down completely while driving the truck, the flywheel and the car clutch pressure plate of are separated completely, and there is no friction between the two.

3. If the clutch pedal is fully lifted, the flywheel and the car clutch pressure plate are fully combined and there is little friction. That is, you cannot put the pedal at semi-clutch state.

II. Failure of car clutch pressure plate

1. According to clutch cover manufacturer, If the car clutch pressure plate fails, apart from the normal wear, it is most possible due to the quality problem. The clutch cover and pressure plates are prone to wear in long-term use with the improper operation, such as often semi-linkage, high throttle start, high speed with low grade gear.

If it is the case of wear, the shaking start is caused by the more serious wear of the car clutch plate, and the car clutch pressure plate slipped. If you don't replace it, wear and tear will get worse. Then, firstly, starting with a serious engine spin, and the truck may not reach the speed of 100km/h at 5,000 RPM. You can find it impossible to start the trunk because the auto clutch plate and the car clutch pressure plate are completely worn and power cannot be transferred.

2. Performance of broken car clutch pressure plate: Broken friction plate causes start slipped or weak driving, the engine speed up and the speed of car cannot get up; There is close link between the pressure plate and the friction plate and when the friction plate has problems, it will accelerate the wear of the pressure plate and flywheel. The main performance is difficult to engage a gear, unclear separation and shaking start.