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The Clutch Pressure Plate is the Main Part of the Clutch

Ⅰ. About car clutch pressure plate

The clutch pressure plate is an important structure on the clutch, which plays an important role in automobile safety. The clutch plate is one of the most important parts in the clutch assembly and the clutch pressure plate. It transmits and cuts off the power transmission of the engine through the linkage mechanism according to the driver's wishes. At the same time, it cooperates with the clutch plate to control the vehicle's smooth start, stable gears and prevent engine overload.

Types of clutch pressure plates are widely used in spring-type friction clutches. The torque generated by the engine is transmitted to the driven plate through the flywheel, pressure plate and the driven plate of the friction surface. When the driver steps on the clutch pedal, the large end of the diaphragm spring is driven by the transmission device of the machine and the clutch pressure plate, and the driven part is separated from the driving part.

Ⅱ. The car clutch pressure plate is the main part of the clutch

The clutch pressure plate is the main component of the clutch. The transmission power of the clutch is the friction between the clutch pressure plate and the active part, and the transmission torque is realized through friction. The clutch pressure plate is another part of the clutch. Through friction conversion, the clutch pressure plate transmits the engine torque to the transmission system, reducing the vibration and impact of the transmission system, and completing the task of "closing". The main structure of the clutch pressure plate is a torsion damper and without a torsion damper. The clutch pressure plate of the current clutch is generally a shock absorber, which can minimize the vibration and noise of the transmission system. To get better products, it is necessary to choose a qualified clutch plate manufacturers. Only in early cars, special cars, and cars with dual-mass flywheel structures, did the clutch pressure plate use a clutch pressure plate without a torsion damper.

Ⅲ. Repair methods and requirements of the car clutch pressure plate

1. The plane error of the clutch pressure plate surface should not be greater than 0.12mm, and the groove depth should not be greater than 0.50mm. Too deep should be ground on a surface grinder, but the thickness of the ground should not be greater than 1mm. If the size of the polishing thickness has been reached, and there are still a small amount of flat surfaces that have not been polished, as long as the unmasked area is not more than 10% and the distribution is uniform, you can continue to use it.

2. The auto clutch plate should be polished after the balance test, and the unbalance error should not be greater than 50g.cm. If the tolerance is too large, holes can be drilled in the appropriate part of the pressure plate to balance it and meet the requirements.

3. The gap between the drive pin hole and the drive pin of the middle automobile clutch pressure plate with a two-disc clutch should be no more than 1mm, and the drive pin can be changed to 90°. Otherwise, it should be repaired or replaced.

4. If the pressure plate is seriously aging and cracked, and the wear groove depth of the clutch pressure plate is greater than 0.50mm, it should be replaced with a new one.