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Structure of Heavy Truck Clutch Plate and Its Inspection

1. Structure and working principle of heavy truck clutch plate

The clutch plate of the heavy truck is located in the flywheel housing between the engine and the gearbox. The clutch plate assembly is fixed on the rear plane of the flywheel with screws. The output shaft of the clutch plate is the input shaft of the gearbox.

During the driving of the heavy truck, the driver can depress or release the clutch pedal as required to temporarily separate and gradually engage the engine and the transmission to cut off or transmit the power input from the engine to the transmission.

The clutch plate is a common component in mechanical transmission, which can be separated or engaged at any time, and its basic requirements are smooth engagement, rapid and thorough separation; easy adjustment and repair;

Small outline size; small quality; good wear resistance and sufficient heat dissipation capacity; easy to operate and labor-saving, commonly used are divided into two types: toothed type and friction type.

2. Heavy truck clutch plates need daily inspection

Heavy truck applications have become more and more common now, and people's use of heavy truck clutch plates is also increasing, so there are more and more manufacturers producing this product. If you want to be popular, manufacturers must think about The quality of the products has improved. Let me introduce you to the knowledge of heavy truck clutch plates.

When the clutch plate of heavy truck is in use, it is necessary to check the free travel of the clutch plate. If there is a problem, we must consider whether the travel distance exceeds the limit, and check whether the height of the release lever is consistent and too low.

Toggle the release fork under the car, so that the front end of the release bearing gently rests on the inner end face of the release lever, and rotate the clutch plate to check.

If the inner end of the release lever can not be in contact with the release bearing at the same time, it means that the height of the release lever is inconsistent and should be adjusted. If the separation lever height is the same, but the separation is still not complete, you need to check the lever height.

Adjust the release levers to the same height. If they can be completely separated, it means that the original adjustment is improper or the wear is too heavy. After the release lever is adjusted, the free stroke of the car clutch plate must be readjusted.

If the above adjustment is normal and the separation is still not complete, you need to remove the clutch plate to check whether the driven plate is installed backwards, whether the axial movement is difficult, whether the main driven plate is warped, whether the release lever screw is loose, and whether the floating pin is not fall off.

The above knowledge about the clutch plate of heavy trucks is here. With the continuous development of modern technology, it is very important for the application of heavy trucks, so this product is also very important.