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Can the Car Still Run If the Clutch Plate Is Burnt?

Where is the clutch plate located?

For manual transmission owners, the clutch is very familiar. This is also one of the biggest differences between manual and automatic transmission models. Its installation position is between the engine and the transmission, and it is a directly connected assembly in the transmission system with the engine, which is an important component for cutting off and transmitting power.

Theoretically, the car cannot be started without the clutch, but if the car needs to be driven forcefully for a short distance, there is no problem. First find a place with fewer cars, put it in gear, and then start the car directly without pressing the clutch. The car will suddenly move forward. Then step on the accelerator, and when the speed starts to increase, suddenly release the accelerator and try to shift to 2nd gear. Then, based on the need, shift to the highest gear using the same method.

The clutch is installed between the engine and the gearbox, and the pressure plate of the clutch is fixed on the flywheel, and the clutch plate is located between the pressure plate and the flywheel.

There is a splined shaft in the middle of the clutch plate, which can fix a transmission shaft, which is the power input shaft of the gearbox.

Can the car driven with a burned car clutch plate?

The car clutch plate is a vulnerable part that needs to be replaced regularly. As the mileage of the car increases, the clutch plate will wear continuously.

When the clutch plate wears to a certain extent, it needs to be replaced. If it is not replaced, the clutch plate will slip.

Normal starting: quickly press down the clutch pedal and slowly release the clutch pedal when driving; avoid putting your foot on the clutch pedal during driving so that the clutch is in a semi-linkage state; high speed, press the brake first, and when the speed drops to the lowest allowable speed of the gear, press the clutch and shift to a lower gear; low speed, press the clutch first, and then press the brake.

Since the clutch plate is not exposed, it is not easy to observe its status, so its condition is not easy to detect. Many car owners who do not pay attention to maintenance usually find out about the problems with the clutch or the burned clutch plate when they smell a pungent odor.

Therefore, car owners must check and maintain frequently, which is actually very dangerous. We hope that car enthusiasts can check or replace the clutch plate in time to ensure driving safety.

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