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Troubleshooting Tips for Truck Drivers

In fact, drivers all understand that in the process of driving, there will definitely be various emergencies, and some experienced drivers can come up with solutions to these faults.

But for some novice drivers, these faults are more difficult. Let's analyze the small faults that will be encountered on the way, then you will know what to do when you encounter these faults.

1. The reason why the clutch plate suddenly cannot be stepped on while driving

How to solve this situation? During the normal driving of the vehicle, if the clutch pedal suddenly stops, it will also lead to the inability to shift the gear and make the vehicle unable to drive normally.

At this time, it is necessary to check whether the push rod of the clutch sub-cylinder has been separated from the fork groove, because the push rod is out of the groove, which will cause the clutch to not move.

If it is not the problem of the ejector rod, it is necessary to remove the observation port under the gearbox to see if the gearbox release bearing is burnt and damaged, or the bearing circlip falls off, and the damage of the release bearing will cause the clutch plate and pressure plate not separated directly.

Next, you need to check whether the clutch release fork and the screws connected to the base are loose or broken. This situation will also cause the clutch pedal to suddenly stop moving.

Then look at the jitter when the clutch starts, how to deal with it, it is very simple to troubleshoot this problem, you need to check it carefully from the outside to the inside, first check whether the front and rear claw pads of the engine are damaged.

If the front claw pad is damaged, it can be clearly seen at the fan blade at the front end of the engine, and occasionally a friction sound will be heard when starting.

At this time, if the cab finds traces of cleaning the air ring of the water tank on the fan blades, it can be concluded that the claw pad is damaged. To rule out the damage of the claw pad, it is necessary to check whether it is the fault of the pressure plate, clutch plate and release bearing.

2. The reason for the "buzzing" sound of the clutch plate when the truck is steered

Many empty cars have problems with turning back after starting. The steering wheel feels very heavy when loaded with goods, and sometimes it can't be turned. It is necessary to increase the accelerator to turn, and there will be a loud noise when the accelerator is added.

Most of it is due to the lack of fuel in the power steering pump, which leads to poor fuel supply, which will make the driver feel that the steering of the clutch plate of the car is particularly heavy.

When adding booster oil, you must check the filter element in the oil tank. If it is not replaced for a long time, it will cause blockage. If necessary, replace the filter element.

If there is no problem with the power steering pump and oil, and the steering wheel is still very heavy, ask a professional master to see if the steering gear is faulty.

When the car is driving at a high speed, you will feel that the accelerator acceleration is weak. At this time, it may be because the spring in the pressure limiting valve is weak, causing the car to not give power.

The current car has a speed limit function, and the limit will be lifted after the normal running-in period. Generally, the car will have a speed limit problem after a few years. No matter how you accelerate the throttle speed, the speed is still 1500 rpm. After replacing the overpressure limiting valve, if the problem persists exist.

There are many reasons for the speed limit of the vehicle. First, check whether the engine clutch plate metering unit is stuck when working, or the line is aging and faulty. Finally, consider whether the pressure limiting valve is broken.