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How Often Should Engine Clutch Plates Be Changed? How Long Will It Take?

I. Replacement cycle of engine clutch plate

The replacement cycle of trunk engine clutch plate is unfixed. The service life of engine clutch plate is in close connection with drivers’ habits and road conditions. If in but condition, it shall be replaced after 30 or 40 thousand kilometers, while in good condition, it can be more 100 thousand kilometers. Concerning that the engine clutch plate is highly worn, it is better to inspect and fix it at 50 thousand kilometers. If it is in good condition, replacement is unnecessary.

II. Cost of engine clutch plate replacement

There is no specific replacement cycle of trunk engine clutch plate, but if any malfunction or normal driving influenced negatively, it shall be replaced. When replace the engine clutch plate, the disc and friction plate shall be also replaced because these parts of clutch interact each other. Generally, the failure of engine clutch plate will affect other parts’ functions. The material cost of replacement is not expensive, while the manual cost is pricey for complicated dismounting and installation.

III. Time cost of engine clutch plate replacement

The function of clutch is that cut and transmit the power of engine, whose core is engine clutch plate. The engine clutch plate is pressed onto the flywheel of engine by clutch disc and rotate with flywheel through friction to transmit power. If there is high level of wear on engine clutch plate loss occurs of transmission power. If any weak driving or clutch slipped, it should spend several hours in replacing it. Is the replacing method complicated?

Around 3 or 4 hours shall be cost on trunk engine clutch plate replacement. The reason is that for replacement the engine clutch plate, gearbox shall be lowered, which is a big project in auto maintain and shall be done by 3 or 4 workers. What’s more, when lowering the gearbox, the obstacle around engine compartment shall all be removed, such as battery, fuse boxes and cables, which is with heavy workload. After gearbox lower, the engine is fixed by stand in the engine compartment, then it is more convenience to remove he engine clutch plate. At present, most of engine clutch plate are replaced with clutch pressure disc, so it is simple to do that. And the major time consumption is on gearbox.