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How to Identify the Clutch Pressure Plate is Broken and the Fault Performance?

1. What is a clutch disc?

There are friction plates on the clutch pressure plate, just like the brake plates on the wheels, which are made of very wear-resistant asbestos and copper wires. The friction plates of the pressure plate also have an allowable thickness. After a long mileage, the friction on the pressure plate Sheets will also need to be replaced.

It turns out that the replacement of the friction plate can be replaced by buying spare parts by yourself. They all buy the pressure plate sub-assembly with the friction plate installed. Instead of replacing the friction plate by yourself, you can directly replace the clutch pressure plate.

In order to reduce the loss of the clutch plate, there is a correct way to use the clutch pedal, that is, do not step on the clutch pedal halfway. In this way, the clutch plate is in a semi-clutch state, that is to say, the Frisbee and the pressure plate are in a state of friction.

If the clutch pedal is fully depressed, the flywheel and the clutch pressure plate are completely cut, and there is no friction between the two. If the clutch pedal is fully lifted, the flywheel and the clutch pressure plate are completely combined. Although there is friction, there is basically no friction between them.

Therefore, the clutch pedal cannot be stepped on halfway. The friction clutch that is compressed by the spring is widely used. The torque sent by the engine is transmitted to the driven plate through the friction between the flywheel and the contact surface of the automobile clutch plate and the driven plate.

When the driver steps on the clutch pedal, the large end of the diaphragm spring drives the pressure plate to move backward through the transmission of the mechanical parts, and the driven part is separated from the active part at this time.

2. The method of identifying the clutch plate is broken

The more people who buy trucks now, the more attention is paid to maintenance, the quality of truck maintenance can be proven on the road, and without timely maintenance and repairs, trucks may be overhauled over time.

Therefore, we need to carry out maintenance in time. How to judge the clutch pressure plate: it feels difficult to step on the clutch; step on the clutch but the gear is not stable; the foot refuels, but the truck starts slowly "clutch slip phenomenon";

To replace the clutch pressure plate, you need to buy it at a regular place, and check the manufacturer's logo and physical number on it. What is the reason for the damage to the clutch pressure plate? The truck pressure plate is damaged, but normal wear and tear is a quality issue.

If the clutch plate and pressure plate are worn out for a long time under incorrect operation, it is easy to wear out, such as frequent half linkage, big throttle start, high and low gears.

In the case of wear, the initial jitter is caused by heavy clutch wear and slippage of the clutch plates, and if not replaced, the wear will continue to increase.

First of all, the engine will be lost badly and your truck may not be able to reach 100km/h at 5000 gears. The next step is simple and you find that you can't start at all because the clutch plate and pressure plate are worn out and the power is no longer transmitting.

What if the clutch disc is broken? If the friction plate breaks, it will start to slip, or if the ride is not firm, the engine speed will increase and the vehicle speed will not start;

The relationship between the pressure plate and the friction plate depends on the lips and teeth, the performance is difficult to file, the separation is not clear, and there is a shivering at first.