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Installation of Truck Clutch Plates

The clutch is a more important part of the truck. It is the control device that controls the start of the truck. When it comes to the clutch, it is necessary to mention the clutch plate. The clutch plate mainly plays a role in friction to brake.

In the long-term use process, the clutch plate will wear out. After the wear reaches a certain level, the braking effect of the clutch plate will be affected. It needs to be replaced before it can be used normally. Considering that the replacement of the clutch plate of the truck is relatively expensive, some car owners consider replacing it by themselves.

Ⅰ. Remove the manual transmission assembly

Under normal circumstances, the transmission and the clutch are connected together, and only when all aspects work together can they play the role of brake separation.

When you want to replace the clutch cover and pressure plate, you need to remove the manual transmission assembly first, so that the connection end of the clutch can be in a loose state, which is convenient for the subsequent disassembly of the clutch components.

Ⅱ. Remove the car clutch cover assembly

After completing step 1, the next step is to remove the clutch cover assembly. After removing the auto clutch cover, you can see the general structure of the clutch and the wear of the clutch disc.

Without removing the car clutch cover, it can actually be judged whether the clutch plate is seriously worn. If the clutch suddenly feels heavier, or the depth of stepping on the clutch becomes deeper, it can indicate that the clutch plate is seriously worn and needs to be replaced.

Ⅲ. Remove the release fork and release bearing

The release fork is a device that separates the clutch crankset and the flywheel, and the release bearing is a device used to separate the clutch and transmission. Both are very important and are related to the user's driving safety.

If you do not pay attention to the installation and disassembly, it is easy to cause economic losses. After removing these two devices, the flywheel and the auto clutch plate can be released from the controlled state.

Ⅳ. Lubricate the relevant parts

Next, lubricate the flywheel guide bearing and release bearing, then install the release fork and release bearing, and check whether the release bearing slides smoothly.

Only in the case of ensuring smooth sliding, it can function normally. Lubrication is also for the installation of the friction plates of the clutch plates in the later stage, which can not only play a role in positioning, but also facilitate the completion of subsequent steps.

Ⅴ. Install the friction plate

Accoring to China clutch cover manufacturer, Apply lubricating oil on the splines of the clutch disc to enhance the sliding effect and consolidate the equipment as a whole. After that, insert the clutch positioning tool and the clutch friction plate into the flywheel assembly to complete the installation process.

The following relevant steps should be completed one by one according to the steps of disassembly. The steps cannot be reversed. Only by completing the disassembly and installation in sequence, can the correct clutch plate replacement effect be achieved.

In short, the correct steps to replace a truck clutch plate are usually these five steps. Each step has related technical requirements, and the relevant processes must be completed in detail, otherwise it may affect the overall installation effect and have an impact on subsequent use.