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How to Install a New Clutch Plate?

What is the correct installation method for the clutch of a light truck?

  • If the clutch pedal is fully depressed, but shifting is difficult and there is impact in the transmission gear, you can add a gasket between the clutch cover and the flywheel if it is too thick. For hydraulic transmissions, in addition to the above checks, you should also check if the brake fluid is missing, if the pipeline is leaking, and to expel the air in the hydraulic system.

  • Under the car, move the separation fork so that the front end of the release bearing gently rests on the inner end face of the separation lever. Turn the clutch around to check whether the inner end of the separation lever can make contact with the release bearing. If not, it means the height of the separation lever is not consistent and should be adjusted.

  • For a new clutch, check whether the driven plate and friction plate are too thick. If the height of the separation lever is consistent and the separation is still incomplete, then you should check the height of the lever.

  • After adjusting the separation lever, you must readjust the free travel of the clutch pedal. If the above adjustments are normal and the separation is still incomplete, you must remove the clutch and check whether the driven plate is installed incorrectly, the axial movement is difficult, the master/slave driven plates are warped, the separation lever screws are loose, and whether the floating pins have fallen off.

How to install a new clutch plate on a truck?

  • Remove the release bearing spring, take out the release bearing, install the new release bearing, and install the spring;

  • Install the new clutch plate and the pressure plate, put all the screws on, tighten the screws with a wrench, and the force should be even. It must be aligned with the bearing, otherwise it will be difficult to install the pressure box;

  • If you are not sure about aligning the bearing, find a bearing with the same size and insert it into the oil tank. Tighten the screws and then remove it;

  • After the pressure box is lifted, put on the pressure box screws first to prevent the pressure box from falling;

  • Install the shift lever, install and lock the locking plate, insert all the removed plugs, and finally adjust the clutch cable.

What is the assembly order of the clutch?

The clutch of a four-wheel vehicle is a dual-friction disc dry clutch. After removing the clutch, first install the clutch housing with three separation levers, and then use the three clutch adjustment screws on the bottom pressure plate. First, put the bottom pressure plate with small holes facing down and put two 6cm thick wooden boards underneath. Insert the adjustment screw downward. This screw is closely matched with the hole. Pay attention to not damaging the bottom pressure plate or not hitting the right place, which will affect the assembly below. Then put the clutch housing down, put the spring into the spring seat, put the bottom pressure plate into the housing and install the high-speed screw of the separation lever, then install the first new clutch plate, and the outer circle of the clutch plate with the smaller splines should face the spring. Be careful not to install it backwards. Then install the middle pressure plate, then install the second clutch plate, which should also have the smaller splines facing the spring, and finally install the clutch cover plate.