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The Working Principle of Automobile Clutch Pressure Plate

Car clutch pressure plate is an important structure on the clutch, and its function plays an important role in the safety of truck driving. The friction pads on the car clutch pressure plate, like the brake discs on wheels, are made of asbestos and copper wire, which is hard to wear-resistant. The pads also have a minimum allowable thickness and are replaced when the truck's mileage is large.

I. The working principle of car clutch pressure plate

The working principle of clutch cover and pressure plate:

1. Auto clutch plays a role when the truck starts and shifts gears. At this time, there is a speed difference between the first axle and the second axle of the gearbox. It is a must to separate the engine power and first axle, then the synchronizer can well keep the speed of first axle in sync with the second axle.

2. When the truck gear is on set, and then the power continues to be transmitted through the combination between the engine power and car clutch. On a car clutch, there is an indispensable buffer device.

3. It consists of two discs similar with flywheels that are placed together, where there is a rectangular groove in which the groove spring is there. When encounter intense impact, the spring between the two discs of mutual elastic action, buffer external stimulation, effectively protect the engine and car clutch.

4. In the various parts of the auto clutch, the spring strength of the auto clutch plate, the friction coefficient of the friction disc, the diameter of the clutch, the position of the friction disc and the number of clutch are key factors to determine the clutch performance. The greater the stiffness of the spring, the higher the friction coefficient of the friction plate, the larger the diameter of the clutch, the better the performance of the clutch.

II. The replacement frequency of car clutch pressure plate

Car clutch pressure plate, pressure plate cover and release bearing of trunk are three necessary parts. For the service life of car clutch pressure plate, there is no clear rules, but as an important part of a drive system on the clutch, under normal conditions, it is same with the trunk life cycle. On the premise of no failure, it bears 10 tens of thousands of miles, and the most important thing is to do regular maintenance for prevention.

III. How does the car clutch pressure plate failure look like

When the car clutch pressure plate malfunctions, it is hard to press the flitch plate when driving a truck. And it is un-smooth to shift gears even you get the clutch at place or with weak driving, as well as the high engine rotation and the low speed of the car. Nowadays, the car clutch pressure plate is mostly integrated with the friction plate, so sometimes the friction plate problems affects the pressure plate. Buy clutch cover from Lenel clutch cover manufacturer to avoid these questions.