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Can the Truck Engine Run when the Clutch Plates Get Burnt?

Ⅰ. Can the truck work if the engine clutch plate is burnt?

The truck's engine clutch plate emits a burning smell, a symptom of excessive wear. It means that the engine clutch plate has failed, and only a new engine clutch plate can be replaced at this time. Because there is no engine clutch plate, the clutch cannot transmit power normally, and the truck cannot drive normally. It is best to ask a trailer to drag the car to the repair shop for a replacement. You can only start the vehicle in gear and drive slowly to the repair shop if you want to drive it yourself. If the engine clutch plate is not replaced in time, it may wear out along with the flywheel. At this time, it is not just a simple replacement of the engine clutch plate. It needs to be replaced together with the flywheel, which will significantly increase the cost of maintenance and replacement.

Ⅱ. Symptoms of severe wear on engine clutch plates

1. There is a burning smell. During normal driving of the truck, you can smell the scorching odour, which proves that the engine clutch plate is severely worn.

2. There is a metal rubbing sound. If you can hear the sound of metal friction every time you step on the clutch pedal, you should check the engine clutch plate immediately. Generally, this sound will only be made when too serious wear.

3. The car has low power to accelerate. When stepping on the accelerator, the engine speed goes up, but the vehicle speed does not go up, indicating that the engine clutch plate had a pattern of slipping, which caused the power not to be well transmitted to the gearbox.

4. The clutch pedal rises. If the automatic clutch plate of the engine is worn severely, the clutch pedal will rise very high when the clutch is engaged, which can be used to judge the excessive wear of the engine clutch plate.

Ⅲ. How to reduce the loss rate of the engine clutch plate?

First of all, the main reason for the rapid loss of engine clutch plates produced by clutch plate manufacturer is the driver's operating habits. Truck drivers should pay attention to the cooperation of the accelerator and clutch when driving to reduce the frequency of semi-linked use. When the car is decelerating, do not depress the clutch pedal prematurely. Depress the clutch pedal again when the car speed drops to a reasonable range. At the same time, when parking, please try to pick the neutral gear and then release the clutch, which can reduce the burden on the clutch. Don't step on the clutch pedal casually when it is not necessary.