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How Do You Know if a Truck's Engine Clutch Plate Needs to Be Replaced?

The truck driver through some simple driving tests in 3 minutes can judge the condition of the engine clutch plate worn conditions.

Ⅰ. What will happen if the engine clutch plate has not been changed?

It will damage the flywheel and make it impossible to drive normally. The service life of the engine clutch plate is the same as that of the brake plate. It varies from person to person, depending on driving habits. Some are good ones that don’t need to be replaced for hundreds of thousands of kilometers. The engine clutch plate and the engine flywheel are a bit like the relationship between the brake plate and the brake pad, rubbing against each other. The brake plates are worn out, and the brake pads alone are useless. The engine clutch plate is worn to the limit, and the flywheel should be also replaced, so the truck can no longer drive normally.

Ⅱ. What conditions are the serious wear and tear of the engine clutch plate?

1. In the parking state, the vehicle is not stalled when starting on the ramp. First, the parking state, pull on the handbrake, start the car in second gear, and start on a simulated ramp. Slightly step on the accelerator while slowly releasing the clutch, and the normal truck immediately stalls. If your truck pauses for 3 to 5 seconds before stalling, or even without stalling, it means that the engine clutch plate has been worn in a quite thin condition and is slipping.

2. Increase the speed and loosen the clutch, and the tachometer drops slowly. Then, in the same way, pull on the handbrake, put in second gear, start the car, step on the clutch to the end, and step on the accelerator to make the speed reach about 3000. Then you release the clutch and pay attention to the tachometer. Under normal circumstances, the speed will drop very quickly, and then the engine will stop, and the clutch plate manufacturing process will not exceed 2 seconds. Excessive wear of the engine clutch plate, because of the slippage and weak engagement, the matching of the engine and the gearbox will lag, and the speed will drop very slowly. The truck driver can feel it.

3. In the driving state, the fourth gear is engaged and releases the clutch, and the speed drops for more than 2 seconds. Next, when driving, put the car up to fourth gear, step on the clutch, step on the accelerator to make the speed around 3,500 rpm, and then quickly release the clutch, the speed decreases rapidly. If the measured speed drop time exceeds 2 seconds, the engine clutch plate is also worn badly.

4. Set the third gear and step on the accelerator deeply, and the speed does not increase when the speed increases. In the last test, drive the car at third gear, 1500 rpm, and then step on the accelerator deeply. Both the rev and the vehicle speed should rise relatively quickly. If the rev is up fast, but the speed is not very high, then the clutch is worn, too thin and slipping, the engine is a bit like idling, and the power is not completely transmitted to the gearbox.

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