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What is the Normal Service Life of the Truck Clutch Plate?

Ⅰ. The clutch plate life of the truck

The normal service life of the clutch plate is the same as the brake. There is no so-called service life and depends on their different operation, road conditions, load and so on, that is to say, fast wear leads to a short life and slowly wear leads to long life. Let's take a look.

The normal service life of the clutch friction parts does not worry too much. The main parts are not easy to break, but there are still fragile and consumable parts, which is the clutch three sets we often said. They are clutch plate, pressure plate, and separation bearing.

The clutch plate is the main friction part of the clutch, generally made of friction materials based on asbestos, now there are friction materials like semi-metal type, composite fiber, ceramic fiber, which are more expensive.

The working temperature of the clutch is about 200℃ and the normal service life is still relatively long. The clutch plate life is about 50,000 kilometers, and the clutch plate can withstand about 275,000 times of separation and combination of gear shift.

If the gear shift is reasonable and the operation of the clutch separation structure is smooth, the old driver can drive to tens of thousands of kilometers, but 4S shops often recommend 50 thousand kilometers for the clutch plate.

Ⅱ. The clutch pressure plate and clutch plate should be changed together

The life of the clutch pressure plate is theoretically more than twice as long as that of the clutch plate, so the clutch plate is installed on the pressure plate. Now there are many manufacturers to install the clutch plate and the pressure plate directly and sell a set together

The clutch pressure plate and the clutch plate must be changed together with the same life. But if the two were not changed together, you could just change one.

The life of separation bearings is more than 100,000 kilometers, and the separation bearings are part of the clutch combined with the separation actuator, which also has standards.

According to Mechanical Industry Standard JB/T 5312-2001 Automobile Clutch Separation Bearings and Their Units, the simulated life of the bench of separation bearings cannot be less than 1 million times, and other models cannot be less than 500,000 times.

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