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How Many Times Can the Engine Clutch Discs Be Burnt?

Ⅰ. How Many Times Can the Engine Clutch Discs Be Burnt?

Many novice truck drivers learning to start a manual shift truck will occasionally smell a burning odor. While some may think it's a wiring problem, it's the wear and smell of the clutch from frequent starts or constant semi-clutch. Some owners ask, once or twice is ok, but how many times can the engine clutch plate be burnt?

Occasionally burning on engine clutch plate will not lead to serious problems. After all, it is for a short period, and it is no need to replace the engine clutch plate with surface wear. If the semi-clutch condition lasts a long time with high engine rotation, it leads to more wear, and when the temperature rises, a smell of burntness happens with shaking, slipping, and abnormal sound, and then the engine clutch plate shall be replaced. Pressing the clutch, keeping the semi-clutch, and starting the truck with high engine power are all causes of engine clutch plate burning. Therefore, please pay attention to the clutch operation.

Ⅱ. Slippage condition of engine clutch plate

Truck engine clutch plate slippage performance: car weakness, increased fuel consumption, high and low-speed driving with abnormal sound, and other symptoms. You can observe the speedometer 50KM to 5th gear (at this time, the engine-transmission ratio is the largest). Step on the throttle. Suppose the engine tachometer and speedometer climb speed is not proportional to the clutch slip.

Adverse effects of engine clutch plate slippage:

1. Serious power loss, inability to climb uphill or even slip back, difficulty in accelerating overtaking, insufficient anti-traction at low speed, aggravating clutch, and flywheel loss.

2. If the clutch separation is not complete, resulting in transmission gear, transmission shaft, and differential secondary wheel load quite large, even broken teeth, the maintenance costs are extremely high.

3. If the gear or off the gear is not in place, hard stepping on the accelerator will cause abnormal wear and tear of the engine clutch plate, and the damage of these parts is often related to the driver's driving habits.

How to prevent the engine clutch plate from slipping? Generally, engine clutch plate slippage is with a burnt pungent smell. If the skid is serious, in the driving step on the brake engine will not suffocate flameout and regular operation. It is suggested that the gear should match the speed. Please do not high speed with low gear or low speed with large gear. Step on the clutch to be thorough, and shift according to the pace for smooth access.