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What Are the Main Functions of the Car Clutch Disc?

The role of the automobile clutch disc is to transmit the power of the engine to the gearbox when the two are combined. The friction plate is also called the clutch plate. In the clutch plate, the friction plate is combined or clutched by the friction clutch, which is an important part of the clutch plate. The automobile clutch disc has three important functions: transmitting power, cutting off power, and preventing overload.

Ⅰ. About the auto clutch plate

The pressure plate of the automobile clutch disc is installed on the flywheel of the engine and rotates with the engine. The automobile clutch disc (that is, the friction plate) is combined with the spline of the gearbox input shaft through the spline groove. When the friction plate rotates, the gearbox input shaft rotates. When the spring acts on the automobile clutch disc, the pressure disc acts to generate pressure. When the pressure plate depresses the clutch plate pedal, the pressure plate retreats, and the clutch plate has no force, that is, the separated state. If the automobile clutch disc is lightly pressed, the spring of the auto clutch plate is not fully functional. This is a semi-clutch, also called semi-linkage.

Ⅱ. What are the main functions of the car clutch disc?

1. Ensure that the car starts smoothly. This is the main function of the automobile clutch disc. Before the car starts, it is natural to start the engine. When the car starts, the car gradually accelerates from a completely stationary state. If the transmission system (connected to the entire car) is rigidly connected to the engine, the car's clutch disc drive will suddenly move forward, but will not start.

2. Prevent the transmission system from overloading. When the car brakes in an emergency, if there is no car clutch disc, the engine speed will drop sharply due to the rigid connection with the transmission system. Therefore, all moving parts will produce a large inertial torque (the value may greatly exceed the maximum torque issued by the engine when it is working), and the load caused by the drive system exceeds its carrying capacity, resulting in mechanical damage. With the automobile clutch disc, the relative movement between the movable part and the moving part of the automobile clutch disc can eliminate this danger. And in order to achieve better results, some people choose the custom clutch disc.

3. Achieve smooth shifting. To adapt to changing driving conditions during the driving of a car, for clutch pressure plate manufacturers, the transmission system often needs to change different gears. The automobile clutch disc realizes the gear shifting of gear transmission. Generally, it is to move the gear or other gear mechanism to start the transmission of the original gear-pair, and then make the other gear pair enter the work.

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