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Clutch Cover is the Clutch of Automobile Clutch

The clutch cover assembly is one of the components of the clutch assembly. The clutch assembly is as follows: clutch driven plate assembly, clutch pressure plate and cover assembly, release bearing and flywheel. The automobile clutch cover is generally a 120° or 90° rotationally symmetrical plate shell stamping structure, which is connected with the flywheel by bolts. The clutch cover is a load-bearing member with a relatively complicated structure and shape in the clutch, and the pressing force of the pressing spring is ultimately borne by it.

1. The auto clutch cover is the clutch of the car clutch

The main structure of the auto clutch cover is the friction plate on the clutch pressure plate, just like the brake pad on the wheel, made of very wear-resistant asbestos and copper. The friction plate of the pressure plate also has a minimum allowable thickness, and the friction plate on the pressure plate needs to be replaced. The original friction plate of the automobile clutch cover can be replaced by buying spare parts, and now you can buy the friction plate pressure plate sub-assembly. In this way, you don't need your own friction plate, and the clutch cover of the car can be directly replaced with the clutch pressure plate. Inquiry clutch cover supplier for more products.

2. The role of auto clutch cover

The automobile clutch cover is the operating device of the manual automobile clutch assembly, and it is also one of the "five controls" for automobile driving, and the frequency of use is quite high. The correct operation of the clutch cover and pressure plate directly affects the starting, shifting and reversing of the car. The automobile clutch cover is the operating device of the clutch assembly, which is the part of the human-machine interaction between the automobile and the driver. For convenience, people directly call it "clutch". The direct function of the automobile clutch cover: The combination and separation of the front and rear parts of the clutch (engine and transmission) are realized through the correct control of the driver. The indirect function of the automobile clutch cover: it can indirectly realize starting, transferring and reversing.

According to the regulations on types of clutch pressure plates production, the crankshaft, flywheel, and clutch assembly should be measured after dynamic balance. Automobile clutch cover In the case of determining the dynamic balance, it is allowed to correct the counterweight at the fastening bolts of the automobile clutch cover, and mark the automobile clutch cover and balance table for reloading when repairing the clutch assembly. With the continuous improvement of road conditions, the average road speed is higher, so the engine crankshaft speed is also higher. For high-speed engines, it is important to ensure the smooth operation of the clutch, crankshaft, flywheel, and clutch assembly. Therefore, when the clutch is repaired, it is necessary to ensure that the clutch cover of the automobile is re-disc in the original position.