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Signs of Damage to the Car Clutch Disc

What is a car clutch disc?

The car clutch is an important part of the car components, and regular maintenance and repairs are essential.

The car clutch disc is the medium that transmits engine power to the gearbox. Similar to brake pads, the friction material of the clutch disc on a car is mainly made of asbestos, which has a certain high-temperature resistance.

During the driving process, when the clutch pedal is depressed, the clutch disc separates from the engine flywheel; and when the pedal returns, the clutch disc will be combined with the engine flywheel so that the engine power can match the driving speed.

Signs of clutch disc damage

Clutch disc slippage during rapid acceleration

When the accelerator is depressed deeply, the engine speed can rise rapidly, but the speed of the car does not increase much. This is because the clutch disc is slipping, causing the engine to idle and not all the power to be transmitted to the gearbox.

Unable to run at high speeds

When the speed is at 100 km/h, suddenly depressing the accelerator and the engine speed rises significantly but the car speed does not increase, this indicates that the clutch is slipping and the clutch disc needs to be replaced.

The clutch has become higher

Originally, lifting the clutch a little bit would allow the car to move forward. Nowadays, the clutch needs to be lifted much higher to engage, which is also a phenomenon of a thin clutch disc.

Hearing the sound of metal friction every time the clutch is lifted

The car lacks power when climbing a hill, and after driving for a period of time, the smell of burning can be smelled.

The clutch surface is uneven

Regardless of whether it is thick or thin, the phenomenon is that when starting, the vehicle shakes severely, and when half-clutching, it also shakes severely. The surface of the clutch is uneven, and this problem is mostly due to the quality of the clutch disc. When starting in first gear, if the clutch feels uneven, the car has a sense of jolting back and forth, press down and lift the clutch, and there is a feeling of stiffness, which requires replacing the clutch disc.

How to reduce clutch disc wear in daily driving?

  • Do not depress the clutch when not shifting gears;

  • Do not keep the semi-linked time too long, and shift gears reasonably according to the road conditions;

  • When parking, put the gear into neutral and release the clutch pedal;

  • Use first gear when starting to reduce clutch overload.

Regardless of the type of car, it is recommended to apply some throttle when starting. When the clutch is released to the engagement point, gently press the accelerator while releasing the clutch, and you can freely press the accelerator after the clutch is fully released.