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Do You Know Clutch Plate Manufacturing Process?

If you own a manual car, you know that the clutch plate is a crucial component that facilitates the smooth shift of gears. A clutch plate is a metal disc that links the gearbox to the engine in a manual transmission system. When you replace your car's clutch plate, you may wonder how this crucial component is manufactured. In this article, we will take a closer look at the clutch plate manufacturing process.

Clutch Plate Manufacturing Process

The clutch plate manufacturing process starts with the raw material. The raw materials used for manufacturing a clutch plate include iron, steel, and aluminum. The raw material is cut into circular discs of appropriate size, depending on the car model's specification.

The next step in the manufacturing process is to smooth the surface and check the thickness of the clutch plate. The surface is smoothed by a grinder, and the thickness is checked using a thickness gauge to ensure that it matches the car manufacturer's specifications.

After the surface is smooth and the thickness is accurate, the clutch plate undergoes heat treatment. This process helps to improve the hardness and durability of the clutch plate. The heat treatment process also reduces the risk of the clutch plate breaking or cracking.

The final step in the clutch plate manufacturing process is coating the surface with a friction material. The friction material helps the clutch to engage and disengage smoothly. The friction material is usually made of graphite, carbon, and Kevlar. Once the friction material is applied, the clutch plate is ready for use.

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The clutch plate is an essential component of the transmission system in any manual car. If you are experiencing issues with your clutch plate or need to replace it, it is crucial to find a reliable clutch plate supplier. One such provider is LISIMAN.

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In conclusion, the clutch plate is an integral component that ensures the smooth operation of a manual transmission system. The manufacturing process involves raw material selection, cutting, smoothing, heat treatment, and coating with friction material. When searching for a clutch plate supplier, consider LISIMAN for their high-quality products that meet the car manufacturer's specifications.