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What Are the Characteristics of Car Clutch Disc?

The car clutch disc is another part of the car clutch. It transfers the engine torque to the transmission system through friction conversion to reduces the vibration and impact of the transmission system, and completes the task of "opening" and "closing". The structure of the car clutch disc is mainly with and without the torsion shock absorber. At present, the car clutch disc usually with shock absorber, it can reduce the vibration and noise of the transmission system to a minimum.

I. The characteristics of the car clutch disc

1. The geometric size of the product is the same as the original general car clutch disc, leading to the simple installation method.

2. The operation of truck is simple and comfortable. It is no need to step on clutch pedal, which can be replaced as required. (You still need to press the clutch pedal when trunk is in gear and reversing).

3. Extend the service life of truck related parts. Car clutch disc, in normal conditions, the clutch pedal is unnecessary pressed due to the normal shifting gears. At this time the clutch is in a combined state, please reduce the pressure plate and clutch plate wear, and also reduce the action frequency of wire, separation of bearings and other parts.

4. Cut fuel consumption, and car clutch disc is conducive to environmental protection. When the clutch is engaged, the power transmission is no interruption and the car clutch disc reactive power loss is reduced with fast speed.

II. The use attentions of car clutch disc

1. Do not press the clutch. The car clutch disc on the car is tightly engaged when the driver is working properly and the disc should not be slipped. The separation of car clutch disc is controlled by pressing down the clutch pedal. When driving a truck, you need to use the clutch pedal to change gear and brake at low speeds. Otherwise, do nothing.

2. The operation should be right when starting the truck. The operation of car clutch disc pedal is "one fast, two slow and three linkage". It is better to try clutch pedal first before the truck starts to experience free clearance of clutch plate pedal, working distance of clutch plate and pedal feeling.

3. The truck should be operated correctly when shifting gears. In the forced shift, the auto clutch plate pedal should be quickly stepped down and lifted, do not at half linkage, otherwise it will accelerate the car clutch disc wear. And please pay attention to the coordination of operation and throttle.

4. Use the brakes properly when driving a truck . In trucks, do not use the clutch disc pedal when braking except at low speed (above 20km/h). Because when the truck is braking at high speed, the clutch plate pedal is of no help to improve the braking ability of the car, and it is harmful to the safety of driving.