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Precautions for Clutch Plate Use

The clutch is a mechanism that transmits power through axial compression and loosening with the help of two clutch plates with flat surfaces. The greater the axial pressure of its two clutch plates, the greater the friction generated, and the more stable and normal the operation of the extruder. So what should we pay attention to when using the clutch plate?  Here are some advices from clutch plate factory.

Precautions for the vehicle clutch plate use are as follows:


1.The pressure between the clutch plate, the driven wheel and the inner and outer pressing plates is not enough, so that the clutch plate is not pressed tightly, resulting in slipping. If the clearance can't be adjusted well, it's necessary to check whether the surfaces of the medium pressure plate and the push plate are flat and damaged. Generally, their contact surface should reach more than 80% in order to make the two clutch plates contact normally and there will be no slip during operation. Otherwise, it must be considered to replace the middle pressing plate or push plate and other parts to avoid burning of the clutch plate and deformation and damage of other parts.            

2. Incorrect assembly can also easily lead to the result that the contact surface between the clutch plate and other parts can not meet the requirements of more than 80%. This will also cause the clutch plate to wear off or break. Therefore, during assembly, we should carefully check the flatness of all parts and components, and observe whether they are concentric during test run, so as not to cause wear to the medium pressure plate and inner gear ring.

3.If the clutch plate is found to be seriously worn, cracked, charred, broken, etc. during operation, it must not run with the problem. It should be shut down in time to check all parts to see whether they need to be replaced and repaired.            

4. Pay attention to the quality of the clutch plate when purchasing the clutch plate, and the surface of the clutch plate shall be free from deformation, warpage and poor tightness.          

5. When the inner gear ring of the clutch is seriously damaged, the force of clutch plate is inconsistent during operation, sometimes tight and sometimes loose, and the offset angle is too large, which makes the clutch plate poorly combined, affecting the normal operation of the clutch plate, and is easy to slip and burn the clutch plate and other components. At this time, the inner gear ring should be replaced in time.

6.The mud is too dry or too much, and hard objects are stuck in the brick machine, resulting in increased load of the brick machine clutch, resulting in wear or breakage of the clutch plate. Therefore, in the production process, we must master the dry humidity of the mud.            

7. The clutch plate shall not be stained with grease, sludge, etc. When assembling the clutch plate, be sure to check and remove these things, otherwise the clutch will slip and affect the working efficiency.            

Mastering the precautions for the use of these clutch plates can better run the vehicle and judge some problems of vehicle operation.