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What Are the Performance of Auto Clutch Plates Failed?

The clutch of the truck is very important. It is a part of the truck transmission system directly connected with the engine, which can ensure a smooth start of the truck. Trucks are generally manual, so about clutch, you should pay more attention to, then what performance would occur when the auto clutch plate is broken?

Ⅰ. The use of auto clutch plates

Most auto clutch includes the following parts: control mechanism: separation lever, separation lever support column, swing pin, separation sleeve, separation bearing, clutch pedal, etc.

1. When the truck stops temporarily or waits for a traffic light and the engine is still running, please put the transmission in neutral and do not cut off the power by pressing down the clutch.

2. When using the clutch, the principle is to cut off decisively and combine slowly. When driving a truck, step on the plate to be decisive, lift to be slow. Violently lifting the plate is easy to damage the clutch assembly compression spring and break the auto clutch plate torsion spring, at the same time to the whole driving system all have harm. Otherwise, reduce the semi-clutch working time as far as possible (semi-clutch wear is great which will be exacerbated by the rapid rise in temperature, causing a vicious cycle).

3. The auto clutch plate wears normally in the process of use. With the gradual thinning of automobile clutch plate, the clearance between the inner end of the separation lever and the separation bearing decreases gradually. If not adjust at the right time, it is easy to cause the clutch to be in a semi-clutch state and ablate the clutch sheet because the inner end of the separation lever is pressed by the separation bearing.

Ⅱ. The common causes of the auto clutch plate failure

1. The truck driver improper operation (that is, often said semi clutch), causing the auto clutch plate, and pressure plate and flywheel has been in friction, causing high temperature and burn the auto clutch plate.

2. If the auto clutch plate is used for long time or too many kilometers, the auto clutch plate will wear out naturally, so truck drivers should pay attention to this.

3. The auto clutch plate material is not qualified, causing damage in advance.

4. Overload use of clutch, cause abnormal wear and tear of auto clutch plate, pressure plate, flywheel and other accessories, which produce high temperature ablative clutch plate.

Ⅲ. The symptoms of auto clutch plate failure

1. Smell of coke, clutch slippage, acceleration not strong, power decline.

2. The clutch friction plate is broken so that start skidding or weak when driving the truck, the engine speed up and the speed cannot improve.

3. The pressure plate and friction plate is dependent on each other, so friction plate problems will accelerate the pressure plate, flywheel wear and the main performances are that mount the gear difficultly, separation is not clear and starting shakes.