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Structural Design Requirements and Material Selection of Car Clutch Cover

As one of the important components, the car clutch cover can not only effectively transfer part of the torque of the engine to the pressure plate, but also can be the support shell of the clutch to compress spring and release lever. Usually, the car clutch cover and flywheel are bolted together.

In order to meet the use requirements, when designing the structure, the car clutch cover should meet the following requirements: first, it must have sufficient structural stiffness to avoid affecting the overall working performance. Moreover, this can also increase the separation stroke during operation and reduce the lift of the pressure plate. In serious cases, the friction surface can not be completely separated. At the same time, in order to ensure the overall balance and stability of the clutch, the cover and flywheel should be kept well neutral during the structural design. In addition, the diaphragm spring support of the cover shall have high dimensional accuracy. Ventilation and heat dissipation shall also be considered to avoid excessive surface temperature due to friction. Generally, a large ventilation window hole needs to be opened on the car clutch cover, so it is necessary to design the clutch in a special shape, or add a ventilation fan blade on the cover to blow air to increase heat dissipation and prevent excessive temperature.

So, how to determine its size and how to select materials? Generally, the specific dimensions and materials are determined according to the structural design requirements of the clutch. Generally, the inner diameter of a car clutch cover is larger than the outer diameter of its friction plate, so that other parts can be included. When selecting materials, a low carbon steel plate with a thickness of 2.5mm to 5mm is usually considered. Remember, in the design, special attention should be paid to the stiffness, alignment, ventilation and heat dissipation of the car clutch cover. Choose Lenel be your direct clutch cover supplier.